Thursday, December 8, 2011

From ABQ to D.C./Va. in thirteen parts. This being the final post.

11. We went to see Santa! (aka. We spent a day with some other families from Darrin's class).  We drove over to Reston to see Santa come in on a pontoon boat.  Lulu was excited about Santa and even sat next to him.  O.k. she clung to me the whole time, but she didn't scream so I count that as a success!  There was a little corral with animals and Lulu love love loved the baby bunnies.  After the Santa event we went to one of Darrin's colleagues house and ate chili and watched the all the kids play.  It was really a nice beautiful day.  Everyone was very friendly and excited to be part of this new adventure.  That evening we went and got some little trees at Michael's and came back and decorated for Christmas.  

 12. We moved. Again.  Remember before I said we were on a waiting list for a two bedroom apartment.  Well we got it.  Yay! (mostly). So we got all our Christmas stuff up over the weekend and on Monday I got a call from Darrin at work asking me if I'd forgotten something. No, I hadn't.  Well he had gotten a call from some lady in the leasing  department saying that she'd called and talked to me two weeks ago and scheduled our move for the weekend (the weekend where we'd just put up all our Christmas junk).  You would think that I would remember that phone call!  Yeah, I never talked to that lady which makes me wonder who exactly did she talk to??  So we started packing up all our stuff on Monday and hauling it over from 1st floor building D to 3rd floor building B.  We moved one load on Monday night and then on Tuesday I moved two loads on my own.  Then Tuesday night we moved a bunch more.  Of course it rained the whole time and over the weekend when we could have moved it was sunny and warm.  We got most of it done but as I write this it is Wednesday and I have about two more carloads to move but it's pouring down rain all day again today and I am just going to go ahead and wait for Darrin to come home to do it together.  I am just glad to be in the two bedroom.  It has a lot more room - more than just a bedroom.  It has an extra walk in closet, full bathroom, and extra kitchen and living room space.  Now I just have to transition Lulu into her own room again and a real bed.
13. Looking forward.  This Friday (two days from today) is Flag Day.  We will be finding out where Darrin's first post will be.  It will be a big festive day and I am really looking forward to it.  Of course, I am a bit nervous to that we will not get a post that we want, but that's life and we'll make do.  It's only for two years.  After that, next Friday, Darrin will have his swearing-in ceremony and then he will be done with his initial training.  His parents are coming and staying until Lulu's second birthday which we are really looking forward to as they are are first visitors and it's just such a special time of year especially with Darrin's job and all.  

That's it, nothing more...phew...I will really be trying to update this blog thing more often.  Talk about information OVERLOAD.  

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