Thursday, July 5, 2012

Out with the OLD

In my last post, I sort of promised myself that I would try to keep up with this whole blog thing.  My intention was to do a little everyday so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed.  So much for that.  I'm not sure if you heard, but Armageddon hit D.C. over the weekend.  We went without power for 3 days and I was sure on the third day the zombie apocalypse was imminent.  It goes without saying that I was wrong again.  We got our power back on Monday around midnight.  I hear there are still people without power.  Boy do I feel bad for them b/c it was hot at the beginning of the week, but today was like Hades-land.  I'm not kidding you, it's a multiple shower sort of day.  It makes ABQ look cold.  So today for this little blog here I'm posting a bunch pictures of the past from March, April, and May.  And a couple pictures of Lulu's days in near-Armageddon. Then I'm done with the past and I'm on to only the present.  My slate is clean.

Lulu's first ever snowman...who knows when she'll get another chance.

Meeting a puppet at the Puppet Co. at Glen Echo Park.  

No better way to fall asleep than with a good book.

Tipping a street musician in Adams Morgan. 

This is from our road trip to MI.  Lulu is a mermaid...can't you tell?

Playing at Aunt Susie's with Mihren...supervised by GG.

My mom's side of the family.  

Is there anything cuter than babies taking a bath?

Lulu really loves Mihren...maybe a little too much.

Giddy up cowgirls.  

Feeding the birds with her Papa.

Little tiny girls at the Lincoln Memorial.  

Decorating eggs....let's just say our eggs won no prizes, but fun was had in the making.

Another great way to fall asleep.

The Kelly Crew comes for a visit.

Lulu, Rosie, and Penny at the White House.

Mount Vernon

Lulu and I hanging out on G. Washington's front porch.

The best part of Mt. Vernon?  Free range goats of course.

At the Air and Space kids' room ever.

Lulu's first day of nursery school at FSI.  She only went for 8 weeks but it was a great experience.  I loved the center.  Lulu loved her teachers and classmates.

At Great Falls.

Lulu helps cut watermelon.  On average, I have been eating a watermelon every other day.  

This is how we spent our days without power.  Ghetto pool on the balcony.

A sprayground is another way to spend powerless days...Lulu rockin' her full on redneck look.

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  1. Super cute pictures!!! I loved her ghetto pool and redneck self. Love to the 3 of you and Baby B!!!