Monday, May 30, 2011

What we're UP to...

Lulu is still in her pajama top here and has total bed-head...she is an early riser!

Darrin left for ASU this morning to start his summer adventure of learning Tajiki so Lulu and I are finding ways to keep busy since I'm on summer break. Lulu is quite the busy body, waking up around 7 and ready to go. We have started every morning working in the yard - planting, rearranging, generally cleaning up. The yard is in bad shape since last summer we didn't really do any yard work. Lulu was not yet crawling and not really content to just sit and watch - not to mention she quickly got bored in her entertainment-center-thing and could scoot/roll around and get into everything if I didn't keep a close eye on her. This summer is so much different. Lulu is really into helping out and mimicking what she sees us doing. I give her a little shovel and she digs, stacks the flower containers, picks the flowers off the plants, plays in her little sandbox, or scoots around on her scooter while I get things in order.

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