Sunday, October 9, 2011


That title about sums up our life. We've been busy as bees around here. Darrin got word on Wednesday that he finally had a job with the foreign service. Which is great, great, great, but the hang up is that he starts NOVEMBER SEVENTH! EEEEKKKK. Today's date - October 9th. That gives us exactly 4 weeks to move, move, move. Oh yeah and to sell the house. Oh my. I am a bit of a wreck. I have 100 million things to do. We've met with a realtor who told us to clear out our clutter by this Friday. It sort of looks like a bomb went off in here tonight. Lord knows I'm trying. Lulu has been such a good girl in spite of all the chaos. She really hasn't been in the way except that I do have to clean up after her attempts at being helpful. Pippa clearly knows that something is up. She is needy and pacing. I'm am currently calming myself by sharing a bottle of wine with Darrin. Second in as many nights - not a good habit to have to deal with stress, but hey!, I've got to survive somehow. So CHEERS.

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