Friday, October 14, 2011


We're getting things done around here and honestly it is all so surreal. We have about three weeks until we say goodbye to ABQ. Our house is officially for sale, we have a garage packed full of STUFF to get rid of (garage sale happening tomorrow), Darrin has accepted a salary which is more than we expected, we have a lovely apartment to move into which is paid for, I will get to spend a few weeks with Lulu in Michigan with our family, I've resigned from my job and am looking forward to not having to teach for awhile. I am mostly super giddy and excited. I am so happy for Darrin because I know that he's going to really love this job and it is perfect for him. He will be so proud to take care of our family and I will be able to do some new things that I've always dreamed of doing, like raising a family and taking good care of our household, going to yoga regularly, finding some sort of meaningful 'work' to do on the side other than teaching. I am especially excited to try to have another baby. And yet I have this huge reservation about being excited. Like if I'm too happy about it, something will happen to ying my yang. I keep telling myself be happy, just be grateful, live for today, it's no use to worry about the future. And yet here is this worry...always creeping in. Go away you creep.

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